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Are you looking to better your relationship with your child/ren? Improve communication? Inspire accountability? Meet their emotional and spiritual needs? Empower them to overcome their struggles and achieve their greatest success? Join Inspirational Children’s Book Author and Angel Intuitive, Monica Iglesias, in discussing Conscious and Soul-Based Parenting, as well as developing your own connection with your Angels in order to create the heaven on earth you desire in your heart and in your home. Monica has a firm grasp on transformational philosophy having transformed her own life from victim, blame and abuse to conscious creator of love, peace, joy, and so much more, not to mention her beautiful relationship with her Angels, husband, and children.

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Melissa Adams, Yoga Instructor

What a beautiful, terrifying experience! Monica has a beautiful way of opening up the flow of energy to allow the physical and spiritual body to be open to receive information from your personal host of angels.  It was only terrifying because I wasn’t open to receive and release. My fears were quickly calmed and dispelled after my sister’s spirit came to comfort me. Thank You for our beautiful exchange of healing energy. I cried, laughed and sang at the top of my lungs on my 50 min drive home. So many beautiful releases took place after my session w/you. Tonight I feel empowered, loved, and ready to release and heal even more!

Andre D. Hart, Fire of the Phoenix Founder

I was very pleased and impressed with the natural flow of the process.  I did not expect to actually be able to communicate through the channeling process, but I found that when I trusted the process, it worked very well.  I did not expect to know who the angelic individual was, but I actually recognized the person right way. I was comforted to recognize the them and could feel how grateful the person was to have the opportunity to speak so freely and clearly to me.  The experience was amazing! Thank You!!!

Rachelle Stringham, Reiki Master

My experience with Monica was beautiful. It was very relaxing and brought immense peace. Being able to commune with my personal Angels helped me feel and know that I am never alone. What comfort that gave me.  I look forward to continuing on my journey.

Sheri Marrow

I found the experience to be so much more than I expected. Monica showed me a whole new way to communicate and find answers to burdensome questions.  Honestly, it was a somewhat shocking (surprising) experience filled with love and light and truths I needed to hear.  The peace I felt was amazing and difficult to describe. I was thinking this sounded a little woo-y, but the reality of my experience was so fabulous. It was like a decadent dessert made just for my soul.

Lynnette Rackham, Motivational Speaker

The voice channeling session I had with Monica was absolutely beautiful. The Entourage of Angels that she was able to assist me in calling upon was purely a spiritual experience.  I felt my angels literally beside me in mind, body, and spirit. I could see them visually, hear the words they were speaking to me. I felt an overwhelming sense of peace, love and acceptance. I loved the confirmation of knowing who I am, given and feeling the peace replacing my fear.  The experience was enlightening and filled the spaces that were empty in my heart with complete wholeness. I was searching for clarity in many areas in my life, and was surprised and overjoyed that I had all of my questions addressed. Monica truly is gifted and gives you a sense of calmness, reassurance, and peace to your heart that comes through her amazing gift and love in her heart.

Michael Phillips, Contractor

I got to experience Monica’s gift of a guided channeling teacher. By being open to her wisdom I was able to go deep into a peaceful meditation and experience for the first time in my life a connection with my Higher Self.  I experienced the vast openness of the spiritual universe.  I felt the love of all my Angels and Teachers flow through me.  It was the most incredible spiritual experience I have had in my life.  This experience gave me the next step in my spiritual path and assisted me in getting past a wall I had been experiencing in my meditations. I will always be grateful for this experience and the love that I experienced while I was guided into a peacefully deep meditation. Monica has a true gift and is kind enough to share it with the world. Thank you Monica.

Sergeant Bradley Chidester, US Army (Retired)

While at first rather nervous and skeptical about what to expect or what may happen, I welcomed the experience. I must say it didn’t disappoint. I felt spirals of light and color from feet to head, beyond and back again. A beautiful golden light descended from above and bathed me with love, peace, and joy. The fear that had been clenching my heart vanished into the light and I was cradled in the arms of an angelic being.  Upon conclusion of the experience as my eyes opened to this new life, I found myself fully awake within my body for the first time since fighting and being wounded in Iraq.  The soul-self that split has been mended and made new again.  What an amazing spiritual transformation.

Rochelle Morrow, Accountant

First, weirdness. But if you can let that go, spirits and angels are real.  That was probably the strongest message for me--- don’t doubt, just believe. Guidance and clarity are available to everyone. A connection to the spirit world is available to everyone. It’s where we came from. Even if you feel unworthy, undeserving, unclean. Even if you feel like you’re not making the best choices, even if you wonder how they feel about you and if they really care, the connection is possible… For anyone.

Melissa LeBaron, Small Business Owner

I experienced a voice channeling session with Monica. I thought it to be great in validating where I’m at but also the answers I have felt that I’m already getting. Getting in touch with my Angels was great to get council in simple things I need to do to connect with them better and more often.  But it also gave me confidence in my ability to listen in the past.   I experienced pictures of moments of danger where my protection angel was there to protect me and keep me safe.  Words came to my mind - pictures came to my mind and I got clarity on some emotional blocks. Monica was a great guide through this experience and allowed things to flow in the correct direction, even when I let ego back in every once in awhile.

Annadel Lemon, Mentor & Health Coach

I was a bit apprehensive at first because when Monica told me she gets people in touch with their Angels, I thought it may be dark. I assure you during my session with her, it was nothing but Light. We all have angels guiding us and this work helps you pay attention to the messages they are always trying to communicate to you. Monica helped facilitate communication when I was not paying attention. This was an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone.

Seleste Christiansen, HR Supervisor

Monica helped me by assisting in my conversation with my heavenly entourage. The result was beautiful, exciting, peaceful and reassuring. One thing I liked was the comfortableness and no judgement or right/wrong. I found the experience so beneficial. I would recommend Monica to people who are seeking further insights and direction - Heavenly guidance. Monica facilitated a beautiful session where I was connected to and could freely converse with my angels. The conversation flowed easily and she assisted where needed. The physicality of the experience was surprising but comforting and reaffirmed the “realness” of the experience.

Adora Angelina

My experience with Monica both is and was legitimately life - altering. So simply, so intuitively, exactly EXACTLY what I needed in that moment in time. I don't have the words to describe the calm and clarity with the connections that were created. It's as if my Body, Mind, and Spirit were individual wires that she assisted in putting into a functional electric cord. And, trust me, I was pretty darn connected BEFORE going through a session with her! Yet she added and assisted in a way I didn't even know was possible. I am SO grateful, I can barely express myself... And I very much look forward to ALL that life is ready to share with me, at this point. Since my voice channeling session with Monica, I am fascinatingly more aware, AND able to deal more smoothly with extreme emotions and over-stimulation. She definitely assisted me in clearing and then reconnecting things within my body and soul, no doubt. THANK YOU!!!!!

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