Empowered Teacher Online Training

Empower the Children! They are the future!

This course is a 12 week course designed for those who influence children on a daily basis, namely: Parents, Teachers, Child-Care professionals.. Each lesson has handouts and Action Steps to to implement each week. It is designed to be simple, doable, and powerfully transformational! Trust the process!

Through this course we are creating Awareness, Transformation, and Empowerment for the You as well as the children in your stewardship.

In this course you will learn:

  • The behind the scenes of how we create our reality
  • To awaken the powerful creator within YOU empower children to do the same
  • Powerful tools to transform any area of your own life
  • How to create balance in your own life and reclaim your personal power
  • The secret to empowering children
  • How to get a child to listen to you every time you speak and create greater impact every time you do
  • How to prevent discipline problems.
  • What to to invest in the children to get maximum results.
  • Learn how to create an AMAZING day out of every day!
  • A list of quality questions to use with children to empower them to be conscious creators of Happiness, Peace, Love, Joy and all that is good in the world.
  • Plus BONUSES!

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